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Our Approach

At Exoy, we blend personalized strategy development with hands-on execution to provide unique branding and marketing solutions for tech-oriented businesses.


That's where we come in

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Crafting a unique identity for your brand

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Establishing your brand in the digital world

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Reaching your target audience effectively

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Producing and managing engaging media content across platforms

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Building and enhancing your digital footprint for maximum engagement

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Managing communications to shape and maintain a positive public image

Tech Focused Team

Our team has a deep understanding of the challenges tech companies face

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Dynamic Approach

We adapt our strategies to meet the unique needs of your business.

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Giving You the Power

We equip you with the skills needed to manage and enhance your brand's impact

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Hands-On Support

From planning to execution, we guide you through every step of your online journey.

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Stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

Learn how can we help you achieve that

Our Process Simplified

  • 1

    Free Brainstorming Session

    Kick off with a no-cost, 1-hour session to deeply understand your business and identify key branding, design, and marketing needs. 

  • 2

    Brand Strategy Development

    Craft a detailed strategy guide that encompasses brand positioning, marketing approaches, and competitive analysis to solidify your market presence.

  • 3

    Branding & Visual Identity

    Design a comprehensive visual identity system, including logo variations and brand guidelines, that reflects the essence of your brand and appeals to your target audience.

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  • 4

    Website Development

    Develop a fully optimized and responsive website that enhances user engagement with integrated SEO practices and a polished, professional aesthetic.

  • 5

    Media Content Management

    Produce high-quality, compelling media content tailored for various platforms to enhance your brand’s visibility and engagement with key audiences.

  • 6

    Profit Growth and Celebration

    Watch your revenues climb as your enhanced brand and precision-targeted marketing start doing the heavy lifting. Time to plan your next vacation!

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Meet the Team

The People Behind Exoy

Ava Ava

Maksim Roslcikovs

Serial Entrepreneur

The driving force behind Exoy.

Catherine Fjodorova

Serial Entrepreneur's Support

The Creative One
  • Exoy Consulting developed a website completely according our wishes.
    They managed to translate our vision into a modern and clear website. 

    Ralf Korten, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Exoy really came through with the right graphics, branding, and website for us.
    They worked fast and didn’t stop until we were totally happy. 

    Plus, their advice on whether our ideas could work was really helpful!

    Marcel van Aarle, CEO

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